With family

Would you like to visit the Pair-non-Pair cave with your family? Find out all our visit tips here!

Vue intérieure de la grotte

Guided tours

Follow the guide!

Guided tour

The cave is only accessible on guided tours.


For around 45 minutes, discover authentic engravings dating back more than 30,000 years and go back in time to understand the life of our ancestors during the Ice Age.

From age 7

The tour is open to children aged 7 and over, and here's why:

Children are welcome at Pair-non-Pair! But we only welcome them from the age of 7, as the tours are not suitable for the youngest visitors.

  • Pair-non-Pair is a small cave measuring 15 metres in length. This means you have to follow a 45-minute tour without moving. The time required to pay attention is therefore very long.
  • For conservation reasons, any contact with the walls or rock is strictly forbidden, and door openings are limited. Once the tour has begun, it is not possible to leave.
Gravure représentant un cheval tête tournée
Gravure représentant un cheval tête tournée

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